The best way to ensure you make it home safely is to plan ahead. Please refer to this list when planning your night. Here you will find options for alternative transportation, and what to do if you need to leave your car behind.

Transportation options

Public Transportation

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Taxi Companies

Transportation Network Companies

Designated Driver Services

Other services

Overnight parking in downtown

  • The city DOES NOT tow from the streets, except on 6th st between Red River and Brazos after 9pm on Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday night.
  • You can now park underneath the I-35 bridge Friday and Saturday night without getting towed.
  • You may purchase time into the next day at any parking kiosk after midnight.
  • If you forget to extend your parking and get ticketed, you can get that ticket dismissed with a taxi or bus receipt. Click here to be taken to the form on the City’s website.

Other information

Have you been the victim of illegal taxi or towing behavior?

Cabbies cannot legally refuse your fare over location, distance, or lack of cash.

If a cabbie has refused you service, took an incorrect route to drive up fare, or behaved inappropriately you can report them here.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TAKE DOWN THE CAB’S ID NUMBER. You will find it prominently displayed on the vehicle.

Do you feel like you’ve been illegally towed?

Pay your fees and then call 311 to report it. They will assign a detective to your case.

Did we miss a service?

Please email us, so we can have an up-to-date list.