City Allows Overnight Parking


HUGE NEWS!! We asked the City to allow overnight parking on the weekends in the lots under I-35 last week and today we received news they are implementing it starting May 30th! We couldn’t have done it without your voices, keep them loud and keep them strong! You can read more details here.

Our Upcoming Presentations


Austin Music Commission on June 2nd at 6:30pm. City Hall. Urban Transportation Commission (we are still awaiting final confirmation on that and will announce the date then). If you would like to get involved the public is welcome to speak at the beginning of the meetings and you don’t need to sign up prior.

Presented at City Council


We have presented our proposal to the City Council (you can view the video here) and will be having a follow up meeting with Councilman Chris Riley on May 6th. We are continuing to meet with business owners and get the word out through social media and flyering of downtown. If you would like to volunteer to be part of the street team or are a business owner that would like to speak with us further, please email us!

We are having a launch party!


We are having a launch party! May 11th at The Brixton! 4pm- 7pm. Come on out after brunch with your mom! Free pizza, music and a chance to speak with transportation companies and advocates. No RSVP needed, but you can view the event here.